Kim is a Naturopath with 7 years of experience working and studying in the natural health industry and is passionate about your health goals. Her motto is "Learn. Heal. Live!" because she believes the key to reaching your health goals and leading a long and healthy life in the face of so many challenges, is to learn how to heal and keep yourself well through the incredible healing powers of food and nutritional supplements, so that you can go out and live your life to the fullest.

"Life bombards us with so many things that compromise our health and wellbeing: Food, alcohol, stress, illness, toxins and hormonal imbalances... just to name a few!

We can't always be perfect, or eat and drink what's best for us, and we can't always be stress-free. I believe in using the healing and supportive benefits of food, nutritional herbs and supplements to help us to not only survive the challenges life poses… but to thrive!"


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- stress and anxiety

- skin issues and PMT

- bloating and stomach troubles

- fatigue and dietary issues

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